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Services offered at Chiron Healing Centre:

12 Week Spiritual Evolution Programme

1-1 Single Healing Sessions

Private Rune Readings

Belvaspata Healing of the Heart

Monthly Healing Programme

Distance Healing

Geopathic Stress Clearing

Healing Sounds

Navigating life’s challenges through grace, finding your soul’s purpose, deep self-exploration, and deep spiritual healing and evolution are just some of the benefits of working with me, Shane Donohoe, at Chiron Healing Centre.

Internationally trained in Belvaspata, Rune Grand Mastery, Shamanic Healing, Dowsing, and various energy healing modalities, I have a wealth of experience in working with clients from all over the world. Through daily practice of the profound teachings of the great Seer & Mystic Almine I am living at the cutting edge of spiritual evolution and am eager to pass on my experiences to those who wish to explore the deepest parts of themselves and the cosmos.

I have used all these teachings first and foremost on myself and therefore am a true testament to their potency. There are many ways up the mountain of enlightenment and my road started at the bottom (there is no top btw!) with foundational energy healing (e.g. EFT) to release the shock of the traumas from my body. Following this was Shamanic Healing to clear deeper traumas and to understand better my own soul and the soul realms of death. These proved to be the foundation required for embracing the powerful and incomparable teachings of Almine which I have been studying daily since 2014. 

Almine has brought to us such a vast body of work that it is impossible to use it all with my clients so I specialise in the Runes of the Infinite Mother which are immaculate tools of healing, guidance and manifestation, Belvaspata which is profound healing through love & light assisted by the Angelic Realms, and healing of the deepest parts of our psyche (our inner family) that have been fragmented in the dream of separation that when brought back together can help us navigate through life and manifest our dreams. I continue to offer some energy clearing services such as geopathic stress clearings and Healing Music as they still hold a powerful value to humanity.

I also offer a Monthly Healing Programme for continuous healing for those who are not working with me in Private Sessions.

Have a look through the site and if you feel inspired to enrol in the 12 Week Spiritual Evolution Programme or could benefit from some of my other services please get in touch.



tel: +353 86 2699 619





This is a 30 minute video as an introduction to the fractured parts of the psyche, also called the Inner Family. As I observe the rapid de-structuring of the world around me and the weight of stress that I feel people are under I realise more and more the importance of self care to build up the power and strength necessary to evolve through this great period of change more gracefully. It is the combination of a unified Inner Family as well as keeping my focus on my heart’s song as my north star that is helping me see beyond this phenomenal de-structuring of the Earth and all her inhabitants.
Connecting with, and bringing harmony to, my Inner Family has had the biggest impact on my life above all else. It has given me the anchor to keep me centred and present in the moment as well as the awareness to navigate life gracefully rather than through tough lessons.


This is an interview I did with Ciara Young of on how to navigate life through grace. We discuss how I can help my clients achieve this by working with various healing modalities available at Chiron Healing Centre especially through healing our inner family.