work with me

Using the many tools at my disposal and from personal experience, I help my clients  release deep trauma and mental, physical, and emotional pain from their lives. This paves the way for me to help them gain deeper understanding and insights in to these events, memories, and feelings. 
1-1 sessions available online or in person.

geopathic stress clearing

Ceremony to clear harmful energies from buildings & land, including geopathic stress, negative historical events, & entities. These energies can cause disrupted sleep, headaches, feelings of uneasiness, and strange noises and occurences.

soul power programme

Monthly healing programme to boost soul power, clarity, depth of presence, heart connection, depth of feeling, soul connection, connection to nature, and a deeper connection to self and your essence.

soul retrieval

Shamanic ceremony to return fragmented parts of your soul that were lost (through trauma), stolen, or given away.
Symptoms of soul loss:
Not feeling present in your body.
Feeling like you’re not a part of life.
Feeling unwhole.
Feeling like you’ve lost a part of yourself.