Energy EFT

Most people are aware that stress can have a severe impact on our health so is de-stressing the key to good health?

Using Energy EFT techniques to de-stress the body not only offers you relaxation and temporary relief from the pressures of life it also offers you an understanding and control of your emotions.

Energy EFT techniques allow you to access the deep levels of the subconscious and bring information back from here to the conscious mind for processing. They also de-stress the energy system where this information is stored, processed and distributed for use in the physical body. We need a good free flow of energy in the energy system to maintain health, wellness and emotional stability in our lives.

In periods of distress when we experience fear, pain, doubt, negativity and insecurity the flow of energy through the body is temporarily halted ie. when we’re afraid to speak we’re said to have ‘clammed up’ or when we’re ‘frozen’ with fear etc. Our physical body might look fine but our energy has partially ‘stopped’ flowing for the duration of uncertainty/distress.

Time and experience teaches us how to overcome or grow out of momentary blips and dips in our energy flow but cumulative or intense and unrelenting periods of worry and distress cause permanent stoppages and ‘blocked’ energy flow that leads to missing and mis-information being fed into the physical body.  Over time, disruptions in our natural flow of energy create unhealthy behaviours and conditions which are medically defined as ‘stress’.

Stress = blocked energy creating pockets of condensed or reverse flowing energy which negatively affect physical well-being and our ability to manage & control thoughts, feelings & behaviours.
Some tell-tale signs that you may be stressed are -

LONELINESS – feeling isolated from friends and family or having a lasting sense of being ‘lonely in a crowd’.

INSECURITY – suddenly feeling shy or exposed around people with whom we are usually filled with confidence – feeling that we are always being judged and/or criticized.

LOSS OF CONCENTRATION AND MEMORY – finding it hard to recall recent conversations/promises or to retain information – mental confusion.

NOT ANSWERING THE TELEPHONE – fearing a caller on the telephone or having no interest in talking to others.

FATIGUE AND SLEEPING DIFFICULTIES – although feeling constantly tired, you could also find it impossible to sleep.

TEARS AND MOOD SWINGS – one of the most common symptoms of stress is crying overly easily. You may also be prone to mood swings and bouts of exhilaration alternating with dejection.

IMPATIENCE AND IRRITABILITY – finding yourself flying off the handle for trivial reasons – snapping at people, quick to assume that they are accusing you.

RESTLESSNESS – difficulty sitting still even for short periods of time – fidgeting, twiddling, tapping or playing with the rings on your fingers.

JEALOUSY – Jealous of other people and their achivements.

OBSESSIVE WORKING -treating work as a refuge can be a sign of stress although stress can also manifest as absenteeism.

COMPULSIONS – finding it difficult to stop over-eating, drinking, smoking, gambling, spending etc. – becoming so rigid in your habits, it’s difficult to try anything new.

EXTREMES OF APPETITE – losing interest in food and not eating or, over consuming junk and easily available foodstuffs.

FEAR OF SILENCE – silence causing discomfort so you ‘gabble’ when you’re with other people – leaving the TV/radio on when you’re alone – conversely, being intolerant and irritated by any level of noise.

APPEARANCE OBSESSIVENESS – becoming excessively focused on your looks – dieting and excercising compulsively.

LACK OF HUMOUR – or spiteful, vindictive pleasure at another’s misfortune

CRITICISM – correcting and criticizing others – a need to always be ‘right’.

FEAR – always feeling afraid or worried about ‘something’ – feeling that you will be ‘found out’ or that you’ve done ‘something’ wrong.

INCOMPLETENESS – Never finishing a project or never being satisfied with the finished result.

Energy EFT relieves stress at every level. It consistently & methodically improves the flow of energy through the mind and body clearing emotional & blocked energies, and encouraging a healthy internal environment where innate self healing can seed and flourish.

Heart and Soul Healing brings together the myriad aspects of our past, present and future and weaves them into a solid platform of understanding that supports change, transformation, maturation & healing of even the most troubled soul.

Energy EFT Healing brings our 3rd dimension (energy) to the fore in accessible, tangible, adventurous, exciting and often extremely profound ways!


“EFT is simply the best self help method ever invented” says Dr Silvia Hartmann creator of EFT Energy and chair of the Association of Meridian Energy Therapies – she continues -

In our crazy and stressful modern times, we have long needed NEW ideas and approaches on how to cope with life in a different way. The ancient systems of mind/body/spirit health went so far but could never have foreseen the kinds of challenges we’re facing in modern times. From the way we eat to the way we sleep; from the information overload we’re exposed to daily, to the much greater expectations we now have of life, it’s all change, change, change, and more change… In the olden days, it was alright to spend 20 years learning how to control the mind and soothe the spirit but today’s pace doesn’t allow us that luxury, we 21st Century people need something that works FAST!

We need -

Something that can COPE with the EXTREME STRESS we suffer.

Something that can COPE with the huge VARIETY OF STRESSORS we face.

Something that is QUICK, EFFECTIVE and RELIABLE!

And we’ve found it in Energy EFT! Energy EFT is the fast track modern version of getting energy flow in the body and thus, being able to firstly relax and then, to become powerfully energized so we can flow rather than stumble through life.

EFT has proven itself with millions of people from all kinds of backgrounds, from all over the world. EFT has proven itself to work with the children, with old people, with men and with women.

A typical Energy EFT session lasts 1hr and the price is €65

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