1-1 Private Sessions

After years of deep self-exploration I have discovered that my core skills lie in my ability to successfully navigate the potential stormy waters of life with grace. I have done this primarily by restoring the fragmented parts of the psyche (represented by the inner family pieces – Inner Child , Inner Sage , Inner Nurturer , and Inner Warrior) that have been operating in separation. Living in separation, the inner family have been dysfunctional without the life enhancing input of the rest of the family. The Inner Warrior (IW) without the magical perspective of the Inner Child (IC), the discernment of the Inner Sage (IS), and the non judgemental all-inclusiveness of the Inner Nurturer (IN) has been believing life to be hostile and has therefore abandoned the family to fight the shadows and mirrors that are not real leaving the IC feeling unsafe. The Inner Nurturer (IN) in separation has been judging life as being imperfect and needing fixing and has abandoned the inner family to fix & save what appears to be outside of her leaving the IC feeling cut off and unloved. The IS in separation has become rigid and dogmatic living yesterday’s truth as he has been cut off from the limitless resources and magic of the present moment of the IC. The Inner Child (IC) has stopped believing in magic, has stopped expressing from limitless and creativity as it didn’t know if it was safe to express as the rest of the family were not there. Returning these fragmented parts of our psyche back together to operate as a unified field is a huge step in learning to manifest a life of grace. My desire is to help restore these deep parts to those with whom I resonate.

Navigating the potential stormy waters of life does not mean coping mechanisms or just managing to stay afloat but rather mastering the high seas through increased awareness of the winds, waves and currents. Before taking you to the high seas there is an assumption on my part that you have done the basics of self-care and are ready for the voyage. This voyage is not for the faint-hearted or for those who are looking for a quick fix so if you feel you are ready and want to get on board, give me a call and let’s see if we are in resonance.

I would love to work with…

• Those who have been working on their core traumas and want/need to go deeper.

• Those who have released all their trauma and want to discover the bright side of life beyond trauma as a life of grace

• Those who have been on the spiritual path but are feeling lost or disillusioned with spiritual practices that just don’t cut it any more.

• Healers who feel they have peaked or become stagnant and want to enliven their practice.

• Those who want to experience realness and clarity in their lives, who want to discover why they’re here and what their roles are in life.

• Those who feel inspired to call me!

If any of this speaks to you then give me a call and let’s see if us working together can help you.

1-1 sessions can be done in person or over Skype.

Mobile: +353 86 2699 619 or email shane@chironhealingcentre.com

1-1 Private Sessions are €150 for a 2hr session.  

Pay here for 1-1 Private Sessions over Skype then call or email me to arrange a date and time for your session.


Life beyond our stories

A tragedy is a tragedy until the trauma of it has been released and the insights of why it occurred in the first place reveal themselves. When you find these gems that were hidden in the experience the tragedy is no longer but merely a lesson along the never ending journey of self-discovery.

So what is beyond the tragedy, the pain, the life stories that try to shape who we are? In a word, Freedom! Freedom from the belief that somehow we are victims. Freedom from the belief that somehow it was our fault or that we could have done something to prevent it. Freedom from the belief that we have any control over life. Freedom from the belief that we are being punished for something. These are all just some of the layers we peel back to reveal the perfection and benevolence of life. Nothing is ever out of place. Nothing needs to be fixed because nothing is broken. All is in perfection so if we cannot see this then all we need to do is to peel back the layers to reveal it.

Many healers who have the biggest of hearts and best of intentions are out there trying to save a world that doesn’t need saving, to fix a world that doesn’t need fixing. That’s not to say we stop helping people but rather we do so through inspired action instead of looking for people/situations to fix. It is supremely arrogant for us to think that we can do the Infinite’s job or that we can see from the Infinite’s perspective. There is a grand fresco being continuously painted and we can only see a minute part of that. What we may perceive as darkness, for example, could be the outline of the most beautiful picture you’ve ever seen.

We’ve lost our ability to see life through the eyes of a child who knows life to be magical, full of possibilities and with unlimited resources to make our dreams come true. Does this happen in the blink of an eye? No, not quite! To achieve this we need to make a choice to begin with to see the perfection of life. We need to forget everything we thought we knew about life and death and how the world works. We need to forget everything we thought we knew about ourselves, who we are, where we came from, why we’re here, and what we are and aren’t capable of. We need to make ourselves a blank canvas that the Infinite may express itself through us as inspiration. Our part is to feel/hear/sense that inspiration and take action on it. If we cannot hear the whisperings of Infinite intent and align ourselves with that then we wander aimlessly around like a ship lost at sea. Even if we do manage to align ourselves with Infinite intent but fail to take action then we become stagnant and drown in our vastness.

My wish is to help you hear the whisperings of Infinite Intent and to align yourself with them, the rest is up to you.

Much love and Blessings,


Mobile: +353 86 2699 619 or email shane@chironhealingcentre.com

1-1 private session: €150

Pay here for 1-1 Private Sessions over Skype then call or email me to arrange a date and time for your session.