12 Week Spiritual Evolution Programme

The 12 Week Spiritual Evolution Programme is designed for those wishing to make an evolutionary leap in consciousness in a short space of time. For years I have been following the model of working 1-1 with clients sporadically as and when they felt they needed healing which at times felt like 2 steps forward 1 step back as the length between sessions was not always optimal. These gaps led to my clients slipping back in to old habits and it took a much longer period to achieve results that could have been achieved in a shorter space of time. The main reason for this is that I didn’t want to come across as pushy and was also making assumptions as to what people could afford to spend on their healing and so I would only suggest a few sessions to see how we got on and generally that was more than enough for what they wanted at that time. However, deep down I felt they could and would have gone deeper and gotten so much more out of our time together had I made the suggestions that I felt were best for them. By thinking I was being considerate to them I was actually impeding them from their spiritual growth and denying them the opportunity to discover great things about themselves which, ironically, is exactly what I wanted for them in the first place!

The time has come to let people decide for themselves how much time, energy, and money they want to invest in their spiritual evolution and to be there to help them get the most they possibly can out of that investment. The 12 Week Intensive Healing Programme is a combination of some of the services I currently offer plus extra phone and email support. The programme consists of the following;

12 x 1-1 private sessions (1hr 45 mins) in person or over Skype

12 x 1-1 private remote Belvaspata sessions (1 hr)

Several Rune Spreads & Rune Integrations to assist our sessions as required. Read more about the Runes here…

Inclusion in the Monthly Healing Programme

Fragrance Alchemy (optional but strongly recommended)

Phone & Email support

Investment is €2,900 payable up front or 3 x €1,050 payable over 3 months. Fragrance Alchemy package can be purchased for $160 + p&p from my dear colleague Anita Lucia at The Academy of Fragrance Alchemy

Enrollment in the programme is by invitation only following a short resonance call by phone or Skype.

If you are interested in enrolling in the programme please call Shane on +353 86 2699 619 or email shane@chironhealingcentre.com

One off Payment of €2,900


3 payments of €1,050