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What are Ghosts?

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What are Ghosts? Having cleared harmful energies from hundreds and hundreds of homes and businesses I have heard many stories from my clients about paranormal activity. Some of the stories have been very entertaining, some of them very weird, and some of them downright frightening! There are many types of entities that can affect one’s energy but today we will just explore Ghosts. According to the world renowned seer Almine, when the soul leaves the body after death, it has six days to move through the tunnel into the soul world. If it lingers longer, it loses its “spirit status” and becomes trapped in the land of the living as a ghost. This almost always happens because of attachments they are not willing to be let go of. The angels sent to escort the soul through into the soul world leave and the ghost is left on its own. Ghosts are not pleasant to look at, because they appear as they looked when they died, and particularly if they died a traumatic death, this can be a gruesome sight. Spirits that come from the soul world (who usually have a purpose, such as delivering a message) appear whole and more luminous, and often younger. Sometimes it appears as if there are ghosts, but the images are the result of psychic impressions. The beings in them have no self-awareness or self-volition. They just mindlessly repeat certain actions like an old movie that replays over and over. Some of you may have heard accounts or indeed experienced this phenomenon where one sees a man walking along a hallway at the same time every night. So do ghosts have a negative impact on us? Ghosts can affect our emotions by their negativity without our knowing why we feel that way. We would believe it’s our own anger, or sadness, for instance, that we are feeling… So firstly, they contribute negative emotions. Secondly, there are many ghosts walking around our towns and cities; sometimes more in number than the embodied people. They lower the frequency of a location. At this time when we are raising the planet up and over its negative future, the removal of ghosts can release energy to assist us. Their presence ties up energy, their removal releases it. So what can we do to remove ghosts from our home? There are many methods that have been used over thousands of years including smudging with sage, burning incense, rattling and drumming, spiritual and religious ceremonies, and many more. At Chiron Healing Centre we perform a ceremony to release these ghosts and any other harmful energies and entities from people’s homes and also from their energy fields. This ceremony is something that can be learned and used by anyone to keep their own space clear. We run regular workshops on this technique and the results our students are achieving are fantastic! Another method that we have just developed is a special Digital Download that when played will release all ghosts, other negative entities, curses, and geopathic stress from anywhere it is played. Field testing is currently in progress and it will hopefully be available for purchase in the next 10 days. Here is a testimonial from Joey in Dublin who had dozens of ghosts in his house as well as a couple of other nasty entities which he asked us to clear using our space clearing ceremony…… “I would just like to start off by thanking Shane so much for everything he has done for us, not just the results but the way he showed genuine concern and was in constant...

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