Geopathic Stress Clearing

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Scientist from USA Health Society studied over 25,000 people with ill health & found that the following groups are Geopathically stressed (GS)

100% of people who get Secondary Cancer
95% of people who get Cancer were sleeping and /or working in a GS place before or at the time the cancer was diagnosed
95% of children who are hyperactive, have Learning Disabilities or are difficult to control
80% of Divorces are by one or both partners being GS
80% of couples who cannot have babies, one or both are GS
80% of women who have a miscarriage
70% of M.E sufferers
70% of people who are allergic to food/drink
80% of cot deaths

These harmful energies called Geopathic Stress (GS) can come from multiple sources and can have a detrimental effect on your immune system if exposed to them for prolonged periods.

Clearing this GS can improve the symptoms you have as a result of being GS or prevent you from getting GS in the future.

Through the use of divining tools, e.g., a pendulum, sources of harmful energy anywhere in the world can neutralised and balance restored to the property, land, and people who live there. A very powerful dowsing technique is used to accomplish this and people report that their home feels cleaner and they feel more at home. Most people report sleeping better and having more energy.

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What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic stress (GS) is the distortion of geo-electromagnetic energies in the earth’s field from underground water courses, mineral deposits, faults, underground cavities, and electromagnetic pollution, e.g., mobile phone masts, power lines, Wi-Fi, etc. These distorted or detrimental energies may radiate through your house or workplace affecting the health of the occupants in different ways. The problem arises when people spend long periods of time working, sitting or sleeping in these lines or zones of ‘geopathic stress’

Symptoms of Geopathic Stress

Sleeping in these GS zones is particularly harmful as your body’s natural defences turn down at night to save energy while your body regenerates to prepare for the following day. If your body’s defences are activated all night to protect you from this harmful energy, your adrenal glands are working overtime and your immune system will gradually get weaker until illness is almost a forgone conclusion.

The most common indications of geopathic stress are resistance to treatment, feeling run down and exhausted, depression, nervousness, insomnia, restless sleep, migraines, feeling cold, headaches on waking, behavioural problems in children. Without intervention (detection and correction), geopathic stress can contribute to the development of the following:

  • Serious illness such as Cancer, M.E., or Multiple Sclerosis
  • Behavioural problems e.g. aggression, hyperactivity
  • Sleeping disorders and restlessness
  • Aches and pains e.g. headaches, back problems
  • Asthma and allergies
  • Stress and nervousness
  • Exhaustion, fatigue or loss of strength
  • Not responding to medical treatment
  • You might feel better when away from home
  • You live in a house that never ‘felt right’ or you instinctively dislike it
  • Bedwetting in children and continuous crying in babies

Geopathic stress has been found to be a common factor in most serious illnesses, long term illnesses and psychological conditions. Geopathic Stress does not cause these conditions but reduces your ability to fight them. Research has shown that the majority of people that are suffering ill health are sleeping over a geopathically stressed area. The major issue is an increased risk of cancer. Studies have shown that over 85% of patients who die from cancer had regular exposure to geopathic stress.

Evidence connecting geopathic stress to illness

Some of the evidence from doctors and scientists connecting GS to illnesses is as follows:

  • Research has shown that over 85% of people who die from cancer have been regularly exposed to geopathic stress . Dr. E. Hartman MD claimed after treating thousands of cancer patients for over 30 years that cancer is a disease of location where people have been exposed to GS over a period of time.
  • Similarly, Dr. Hans Nieper, a world renowned cancer and MS specialist, found that 92% of all his cancer patients and 75% of his MS patients were geopathically stressed.
  • Dr. Gustav Freiherr Von Pohl proved to the Central Committee for Cancer Research in Berlin, almost 60 years ago, that people were unlikely to get cancer unless they spent some time in geopathically stressed places, mainly when sleeping. He also reckoned that gout was the only ailment not caused or exacerbated by geopathic stress.
  • Hartmann grids, grids of geopathic stress, were discovered in the 1950s by a German medical doctor, Dr. Ernst Hartmann. He proved that the worst place to sleep or work in is a Hartmann knot, where two Hartmann lines cross over each other causing a vortex of harmful energies which intensifies the negative energies of the place.

Physical indicators of geopathic stress

Animals that gravitate to lines or zones of GS include: cats, owls, slugs, snails, insects such as ants, bacteria, viruses, wasps and bees. Most mammals avoid areas of geopathic stress. Horses and cows stabled over GS may become sick or prone to injuries. In Ireland in days of old, people used to put cattle into fields to see where they would sleep knowing that they would not sleep in areas of negative energy. This is then where the buildings were placed.

Areas of non-productive fruit trees, gaps in hedges, twisted growth, patches in lawns and trees where lightening has struck, cracks in pavements or outside a house, cracks in walls of a house, dampness in a house/office/retail building can indicate areas of GS.

Animals and very young children can feel instinctively if a place is healthy or not i.e. if there are lines or zones of geopathic stress within it. If children are oriented differently from when they were tucked in, or don’t want to sleep in their beds it is wise to check for lines of GS.

How to Clear Geopathic Stress

If you wish to find out if your home is Geopathically stressed then please email to get an Energy Vitality Reading of your home and sleeping area. I will let you know the energy vitality of your home as a percentage so we will know whether or not the building is Geopathically Stressed. If the energy reading is less than 100% then the building is Geopathically Stressed to some degree. This service is offered free of charge for a maximum of 2 locations per person.

Through the use of divining tools, e.g., a pendulum, sources of harmful energy anywhere in the world can neutralised and balance restored to the property, land, and people who live there. A very powerful dowsing technique is used to accomplish this and people report that their home feels cleaner and they feel more at home. Most people report sleeping better and having more energy.

This would make a great gift for someone especially if you know they have GS symptoms.

The charge for a remote clearing is €35 for a residential building. For Commercial buildings please call Shane on 086 2699619 or email for a quote. To book your remote GS clearing click below.

Geopathic Stress Clearing = €35.


This is some feedback from a lady in Dublin who was having difficulty selling her house. It was a very old house with a lot of negative energy attached to it and the land.

She also asked me to do healing on all her family after clearing the house as her son, in particular, was really struggling with life. She told me the day after working on her son that “he is new child! He is calm, happy a different kid altogether.. I cannot believe it, the transformation is a miracle!”

Here are her words about her experiences of the house clearing and the distance healing on her family…..

“We were trying to sell a house for 10 months or more, we had lots of viewings and offers, but every time the sale fell through just when we thought the deal was about to close. Bitterly disappointed a friend of mine recommended to give Shane a call and get him to do a house clearing. Without having to actually go to the property Shane did the clearing, the instant difference in the feeling of the whole property was incredible and the house literally was sold within weeks.!

Blown away by the impact of this and the physical difference we could all feel in the house after the clearing I then asked Shane to do some personal healing on myself, my partner and our children. We have each gone through our own journey of healing and letting go and the results are profound.

Shane is a very special and gifted person and I feel such a blessing that our paths have crossed.

Thank you Shane!



Here is one testimonial from Sheenagh who had her house cleared of Geopathic Stress in 2013…….

“I feel the clearing of the house of geopathic stress has made a huge difference to myself and my husband. We are much more rested after a nights sleep and the energy in the house is much better in general – not sure how to explain it but I feel more comfortable in my house now.

Also, my son was diagnosed with speech delay and sensory processing disorder at 3 ½ yrs old. He had a lot of speech therapy sessions and also some occupational therapy to deal with delay in developing fine motor skills. He was doing well at school, however he is a very anxious child, shies away from adults and tends to get upset easily. He was starting senior infants in September and was anxious at returning to school to a new teacher.

I took my son to meet Shane in August and was amazed that he connected with him immediately. Over the course of the session, Shane taught us EFT (tapping) in a really fun way and also did some remote dousing and picked up some negative energy points in the house – one right next to my sons bed.

We have been tapping at home and also have some orgonite placed over the negative energy points. My son is like a different child. He is so happy in himself, has so much confidence and his missing sounds that he hadn’t worked on yet (sh, ch, l) are now as clear as day.
I have no doubt that the combination of tapping and the Geopathic Stress Clearing has had a very positive impact on my son.”

Jennifer says:

I first met Shane when I attended a beginners meditation. After a few sessions I talked to Shane about the problems I was having in my home. I was having trouble sleeping and felt drained everyday. My son wasn’t sleeping and talked about seeing “spirits” around the home every 2nd night.

Shane explained to me that my home had negative energy points, one actually under my bed which would be making me feel the way I had been. He also picked up a harmful energy line crossing the bottom of my bed right across my shins. I told him I had cold feet all the time and he suggested that the energy might be contributing to this.

He suggested dowsing to clear the geopathic stress from my home and explained how placing orgonite in the home would help replace negative energy with positive energy.

Since working with Shane 3 weeks ago my home feels more comfortable, the energy of the house feels much better in general. My son hasn’t mentioned seeing anymore spirits and he’s sleeping all night in his own bed. I’m also sleeping all night and with the light off for the first time in 3 years! I feel much more energised and I also don’t have cold feet any more!

Thank you Shane!

Jennifer, Dundalk

Richard Says:

Hi Shane,
I just want to say thank you for the work you carried out for us. Everyone at home is a lot calmer and sleeping better. The relationships between each of us have improved too. Extended family members and close friends have commented how the house feels different and more peaceful. The work you do Shane made a difference in our home and our lives.
Thank you
Richard D. Martin Ph.d

Caroline Says;

Slept like a baby again! This is bliss! Had absolutely no bother getting asleep
Shane Donohoe did a clearing of geopathic stress on my house and the difference in how I’ve been feeling since… wow! I highly recommend it. Everyone in the house is happier – the place just feels different!
Thanks so much Shane  ♡

Cafe Aqua Says;

Hi Shane.. We have had the busiest November in years thanks to your geopathic clearing.. It’s fun and craic every day.. The initial headaches and nausea subsided after day two with myself and the staff.. I can highly recommend you and have to several people.. Keep up the fantastic work..:-)xxx

Linda Hearty Says;

2013 was a difficult year in many aspects, being in quite a low place at times and feeling very stressed. I attended Chiron Healing Centre as part of my healing journey. Experiencing the power of “clearing of geopathic stress and negative entities” can only be described as profound.

My own energies are lighter, calmer, and more loving, in all aspects of my life. Negative emotions have lost their charge, I’m sleeping better, and have a sharper awareness of energies around me.

I have found Chiron Healing Centre during this time to be a respite for my senses and my soul, being serene, peaceful, and very healing. Shane is a remarkable, marvelous, trustworthy healer. He is genuine and very inspirational man who listens and cares for his client’s well-being. I personally recommend Shane’s practice to everyone who is experiencing difficulties; you will be amazed by the results.

Thank you Shane for everything.

Many blessings,
Linda Hearty

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