Monthly Healing Programme

The Monthly Healing Programme is a powerful healing space created to hold all involved in a daily loving embrace with the assistance of Angelic Beings of Light. Weekly Healing Ceremonies are followed up with daily ceremonies to hold in place what is activated in the weekly sessions. These potent tools are designed to peel back layers of illusion revealing new insights, clarity, opportunities for growth, and enlightenment as well as deep healing of ancient wounds and programs. This programme will also enhance any other healing modality you may be using as it will remove some impediments that may have been holding you back.

Once per week I will do the following for everyone in this Alchemical Healing Cauldron.

  • Belvaspata Healing Ceremony – Angelic Healing & Blessings accessible to you when you choose to accept them.
  • Clearing of harmful energies from your home and family as per my one off Distance Healing Option
  • Activation within you of different sets of Runes (as inspired) for the group which will enhance the Belvaspata Healing. These Runes will be sent to you by email for further integration in your own time.

I will also be doing daily Belvaspata maintenance sessions to maintain what is achieved in the ceremonies. From Almine’s Belvaspata Daily Maintenance Programme (…..

“For the ultimate beneficial outcome of Belvaspata and all other healings, ongoing healings after an initial session are vital. The belief systems that caused the disease symptoms in the first place are in all likelihood still a factor after a session and can work against the practitioner’s expertise. Even with the elimination of belief systems an environmental trigger can spark them off again. Whatever the onslaught of stressors that contributed to the deterioration of health such as allergies, psychological stress and others; these may also still be present, requiring ongoing assistance from a healer.”

The power of this Alchemical Healing Cauldron will grow exponentially as more of you join which will add to the potency of the group over time through your presence.

This is a wonderful affordable option to passively get the benefits of deep personal healing. You can sign up for this programme below for €30 per month. The Monthly fee of €30 will continue to be charged until you decide to stop.