Amazing energy levels

Dear Shane,

I really wanted to share with you the success of the healing 10 days ago. I was buzzing after it and felt like I had loads of energy and as you know my energy had been totally depleted! I was up at 1am the next morning to travel to Frankfurt for what should have been a grueling 3 days of buying at a trade fair. It was amazing, I was able to keep up with my husband and the only thing suffering was my feet from all the walking! My energy levels are totally back to normal and even went to my Consultant last week asking for more blood tests to prove my "miracle" which he obliged me by doing but is a total non believer!

Anyway from the bottom of my heard I thank you and will be back in touch as will my Daughter who will hopefully benefit too.

Janet Kingston

Angel Times


I would just like to start off by thanking Shane so much for everything he has done for us, not just the results but the way he showed genuine concern and was in constant contact to assist us and help us through a very hard time.


About a year ago me and my wife woke up in the middle of the night and were shocked and stunned to see our bedroom was full of spirits. I’d never had any experience like this before and always thought Ii would be scared stiff if I did, but to be honest they weren’t aggressive or angry but we were very freaked out.


We thought we were imagining it at first but knew we weren’t straight away because we could both see the same things. It was a few nights later before we seen them again but over the course of a few months the became a part of our home and we could see them everywhere, all day every day. We got some relatives to come and see if they could see them as well or was it just us but they could see the same as us so we began to seek help and enquired about a number of options and tried a few different things, all to no avail.


Eventually we managed to get the services of a highly respected reiki specialist who does house clearings and gets rid of any bad energy and spirits and puts a protective shield around the house. I won’t go into detail but while she was in our house she told both me and my wife things that she couldn’t possibly have known about relatives that have passed on. We were stunned to hear what she had to tell us and how the spirits started to make themselves comfortable in our house. We were full of hope and did notice a difference straight away but within a few weeks we were back to square one and she wouldn’t reply to any calls or texts and we felt we were in limbo. We had no one to turn to for help and were beginning to think that we would just have to live with the problem, that is until a work colleague of my wife recommended Shane to us.


I was very sceptical about what he does and how he does it from a distance but we had nothing to lose. Well I was shocked to see how quick he was able to do his geopathic clearing and how quick he was able to get great results. We’ve tried everything and this was basically the last hope we had. The changes in our home were almost instant and we all felt like a big weight was lifted off our shoulders. We all felt instantly energized after being exhausted for almost a year and got a few nights great sleep, Shane contacted me every day to make sure everything was ok but a couple of days later I told him we think we noticed one or two spirits but weren’t sure. He gave the house another clearing and we haven’t seen or felt anything since then. That was 6 months ago now and the difference in our home and our general lives is amazing, we can’t thank him enough for the effort and time he put in to help us out,


Shane you’re a hero!!

Thanks again,


Trouble Selling a House and Distance Healing
Lesley, Dublin

This is some feedback from a lady in Dublin who was having difficulty selling her house. It was a very old house with a lot of negative energy attached to it and the land.
She also asked me to do healing on all her family after clearing the house as her son, in particular, was really struggling with life. She told me the day after working on her son that “he is new child! He is calm, happy a different kid altogether.. I cannot believe it, the transformation is a miracle!”
Here are her words about her experiences of the house clearing and the distance healing on her family…..
“We were trying to sell a house for 10 months or more, we had lots of viewings and offers, but every time the sale fell through just when we thought the deal was about to close. Bitterly disappointed a friend of mine recommended to give Shane a call and get him to do a house clearing. Without having to actually go to the property Shane did the clearing, the instant difference in the feeling of the whole property was incredible and the house literally was sold within weeks.!
Blown away by the impact of this and the physical difference we could all feel in the house after the clearing I then asked Shane to do some personal healing on myself, my partner and our children. We have each gone through our own journey of healing and letting go and the results are profound.
Shane is a very special and gifted person and I feel such a blessing that our paths have crossed.
Thank you Shane!

Acne, Asthma, & Agrophobia Distance Healing

Here is a testimonial from a lady in Tipperary who asked me to work on her son who had a lot going on in his life and was suffering emotionally & physically.

As it was a long way to travel to Dundalk I did a distance healing session with him. I arranged a time with him and asked that he lie down for an hour while I worked on him. As with most teenagers he was quite bored and couldn’t wait for it to be over. I spoke with him after & he said he didn’t feel any energy movements during the session which wouldn’t happen very often. 

Having never met him before and not seeing how he was reacting to the healing face to face I had to put my faith in what I was doing and that it would work out.

Well apparently it’s working out OK as you can see from Maria’s words below……

“Shane treated our son at a distance, which in itself was a huge advantage as we didn’t need to travel a long distance with a car-allergic teenager! The results have been nothing short of miraculous. At our request Shane worked on our son’s skin issues, his asthma and anxiety which bordered on agoraphobia and multiple allergies. Within one treatment, all the conditions had improved. He had a shower that evening without the red welts that usually appeared. Within days, he did not need to use his inhaler as much and his acne had practically cleared up.

The most amazing thing about the healing was how it worked on our son’s confidence. He has boundless energy; appears happy, energised and positive and actually asked to go to soccer training-this was a miracle as he has not been in any sports’ clubs in more than two years.

My husband, son and I cannot express how truly blessed and sincerely thankful we are to have found Shane’s service. We can unreservedly recommend Shane as a highly-competent practitioner.”

Cursed & Negative Entities in the Home!

Long before I’d heard about Shane and his work, I often wondered if there was some kind of curse or jinx affecting me.

It sounds outlandish, but it’s standard amongst my friends to comment on my persistent bad luck and lack of a break. It was significant things like several health issues and repeatedly getting passed over for the right job, and also smaller things like not being able to sleep, electrics at home constantly playing up, and a constant feeling of angst and unrest there, though I was the only person there.

Things came to a head of sorts a few weeks ago, when my work decided they were thinking of letting me go. I hadn’t seen it coming and felt incredibly violated; I work really hard and do a good job. The weeks preceding this last straw had been a nightmare; I was totally unable to sleep, completely exhausted physically,  mentally and emotionally. I’d also been feeling an awful presence in my flat and things were literally going bump in the night with no explanation at all. I have a photo on a living room shelf of a friend who died in 2008, he was only 21 and I regarded him as my little brother. I think of him all the time anyway, but for weeks on end, I hadn’t been able to stop focusing on the photo. I don’t know why. I’d certainly been asking him for help and thought that was it.

The news from work terrified me. I knew I’d unravel financially almost immediately and I didn’t have any confidence in finding another job, based on all the past failed attempts. More frightening than that, though, was  that I knew I had nothing left in the emotional tank to persevere through the difficult time ahead of me. The upset I felt was overwhelming. I literally felt that no matter how hard I tried, I could not get my life into a positive place.

My friend is a client of Shane’s and she asked him to help me, after a distraught phone call from me. She didn’t know what else to do and I don’t blame her; there wasn’t anything. Shane’s view was that I was cursed. I was relieved to hear it. So strangely, he asked my friend if I had a mask in my home. I did! On the shelf beside the photo of my deceased friend. Shane’s view was that these types of masks, etc, can often carry a curse placed by a native in their place of origin. He later also advised me that curses can be inherited, etc. Wherever mine came from, I don’t doubt its existence.

I had a distance clearing session with Shane a couple of evenings later (I don’t live in Ireland, though I am Irish). I didn’t feel anything in particular, other than a sense of peace. There’s no explanation for the next bit, but that was a Monday evening and by the Thursday of that week, I was offered three jobs! All in my professional field and one in particular is my dream job. Nothing’s perfect; it’s part-time and I will struggle until I get myself a second role, or until I manage to make it full-time. Another one of the three was from my then employer, where the powers that be had had a total change of heart and decided they wanted to commit to me long-term.

I can honestly say that I felt more positive and energised after the session than I have done in years. I’m even sleeping better.

Nothing’s perfect; in that same week, we found out that my dad is very unwell. Also, the man who broke my heart cracked it a little bit more. But on a fundamental level, I feel more able to cope. I’d been struggling for several years to get ahead on any level, despite trying really hard. I feared long before Shane that I was cursed a and had many reasons, academic and personal, for believing so. I now believe, and see evidence in my life, that the curse has in some way been lifted. I feel open to re-building some energy and zest for life again. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in with vigour to some EFT and to life in general!

Clodagh Malone

After four years of a battle with depression, my husband took his own life leaving me and our three young kids to deal with confused emotions of trauma, guilt and grief. After his last episode a friend recommended Shane to me to help me and our kids (Aged 13, 10 and 8) deal with the trauma. I had remembered Shane from school days and shyed away from confiding in him at the time preferring a total stranger. However, three months later when my husband took his own life, Shane attended the funeral. I got chatting to him and felt he made perfect sense to me. His own experience of suddenly losing his wife and bringing his three kids gently through the experience impressed me. He had a very open, friendly, smiling, non-judgemental way about him. I made an appointment within days of the funeral. I was wary of trying anything I wasn’t comfortable with, so my intention was to go to one appointment as a trial. My main problem was that I couldn’t cry. Crying to me was a sign of weakness and I thought to myself that I certainly wasn’t going to cry in front of Shane, a guy two years younger than me I remembered from school days.

I had a big ball of emotion caught between my shoulder blades weighing me down – it was stuck there and it was painful. Shane welcomed me, explained exactly what EFT was and to be honest, I was sceptical that tapping could have any effect on me. We started. After one round that ball of emotion rose up and I exploded into tears. I felt a great release, a great freedom, and I actually felt comfortable. I was amazed. When I got into my car I noticed I was tingling all over and feeling good. Over the next few weeks, I can only describe what happened as the express-route through grief. I felt I could tell Shane anything and it was received with openness and acceptance. Shane suggested retrieving my power animal, doing an extraction and soul retrieval. At this point, trust had built up and I felt I could try these therapies and then form an opinion.

I found Soul Retrieval the most beneficial and was amazed at the account Shane gave me of the times I had lost parts of my soul, events that were private to me that he couldn’t have known. Of course, I won’t know what preventative measures the extraction has had, only that I’m feeling healthy.

I would say that from 16 weeks after my husband’s death I feel peace and love towards my husband and what he did. I feel strength to move on with my life and renewed hope for my future and my kids’. We have enjoyed some amazing adventures, holidays and successes since. Shane has also given me a greater understanding of death which was tested six months later at the death of my husband’s brother. My children have been dealt a double blow of grief in six months. My eldest is now aged 14 and has had sessions with Shane. She is feeling stronger and more confident. I feel now that I can bring my children through whatever issues will crop up for them in the future.

Thank you, Shane!

Clodagh Malone, Dundalk

Mary Hoey

Prior do doing Energy EFT my energy levels were so low. Every morning I was dragging myself out of bed or being encouraged to get up by my husband then trying to get on with looking after my 2 children. Doing school runs and the household jobs was just getting too much for me. I’d be nearly crying for the day to be over so I wouldn’t have to move any more but then that’s when the pain would really kick in. I would get so agitated at night and so sore the pain relief was just taking the edge off. I would go to bed, try to get some sleep and then the whole ritual would start again the next day.

I came across Shanes website by accident on Facebook, read up on the type of treatments he was offering and made an appointment. From day one I noticed a difference in my energy levels. Not only was my energy increasing, I was starting to feel happier and looking forward to doing things with my family, like going to the beach or the park. In the middle of my treatment we went to Disneyland which meant a lot of walking around parks and a lot of standing in queues which didn’t bother me in the slightest. I was wrecked at the end of every day but who wouldn’t be?

I have also since taken up jogging. I’m currently running 2km in 20 mins and my goal is 5 km in 30 mins which i feel is achievable by using thePositive EFT techniques that Shane has taught me. Thank you Shane for giving me my life back and for giving me the tools to be able to achieve what I want out of life.

Mary Hoey, Dundalk

Back Pain
First of all Thank you so much for everything Shane!  Words can not express the gratitude I have.  I have been a fan of Chiron Healing Centre's facebook page for a while and enjoyed reading Shane's posts.  I was suffering with a pain in my back for about a month and I attended a neuro surgeon who advised he wanted to give me injections into my back as I have a slipped disc for years now and he felt that my disc was suddenly putting pressure on my nerve which was causing the pain.
I had the injections booked for a few weeks later though the pain was excruciating and I didn't know how much more I could take.  A family friend attended Shane and had fantastic results so I decided to see if Shane could do anything for me.  At my first appointment I practically crawled into Shane with the pain.  Shane was brilliant.  He made me feel very relaxed and explained everything to me.  He explained that he's there to teach people and therefore empower them to work on themselves.
Everything was very private and we spent the following 2 hours working on me and teaching me EFT techniques.  At the end of the session I couldn't believe it, I had NO PAIN!!  I was able to stand up straight and move freely....it was incredible!  I had a couple of twinges the following few days but I just sat down and started doing what Shane had showed me at my session.  When I returned a week later for my second session we did some more EFT and since my second session I have no pain at all.  I am so happy and Shane was definitely put in my life to empower me and I am so happy he was.
I have no hesitation in recommending Shane and I have done so to everyone I meet who asks me about my back.  Oh and as you can imagine I cancelled my appointment to get the injections.
Thank you Shane, 
Losing a baby

I contacted Shane earlier this year as a friend had recommended his healing style to me.  I had been to many different types of healers/hypnotherapists/everything else available and in my own mind had been touched and helped by each and every one of them, although never complete…….

I had had an unhappy and abusive childhood and a lot of physical and mental trauma in my life but the most difficult to overcome was the death of my baby boy.

I came to Shane hopeful but not overly optimistic …but then why not try?

After my first session with Shane I felt different, less detached from everyday life ,less alone and when Shane informed me of my %  ‘Soul Loss’ and explained what that was I was not surprised by the change.

I attended Shane for more healing and learned the art of tapping which I had used before but this time it was different, a different and easier way to achieve results.

I also learned to breathe again, I know… I also thought I had been doing it all my life but now I can really breathe, all the negative energy which was blocking my breathing had been released and I could breathe properly for the first time in 40 years, the lump had gone from my chest.

I can now go back to places in my past which I could not even think of visiting before and I can see those events for what they really are ‘blocked energy’ causing the pain.

The healing sessions were tough, upsetting and can I say somewhat painful at times but worth all the effort.

Thank you again Shane and I hope this helps other people who may be thinking of contacting you for help I for one have no regrets.

Bad luck and negative energy in the home
Aisling Hayes

Our home has transformed since you performed your magic on it, our space has a sense of comfort that was never there before, it's just so much more relaxing and as a result myself and daughter spend a lot more time in each others company. The atmosphere in general is so improved, we even had a bit of a makeover and for the first time that I remember we are both proud of our space, share it more and spend a lot of really great quality time together.

On a personal level we have both obtained work and we're getting some great experience in our respective fields of interest. It's just amazing to have these opportunities and with that a sense of optimism and hope for the future.

I do my EFT daily and it has practically changed my life and outlook for the better. You are a legend Shane and I am so really really grateful for all your help

Childhood Trauma and Bereavement
Jane Hadden
The universe sends you everything you need, and that was certainly the

case for me in terms of healing this year.

I had never heard of EFT or Shamanic healing before, and I have been
blessed to have experienced them both at this time.

In relation to EFT, I worked with Shane 3-4 times, looking at
different issues – long held dark feelings about my childhood, and
then a recent sudden bereavement. I had been to traditional
counselling for my ‘baggage’ over 2-3 years which had been a help of
course, but doing the EFT sessions meant that I finally really felt
and processed those dark feelings, and made them into something
positive….I have finally accepted my younger self as part of who I
am, not a victim of past pain and hurt. The healing has been
transformative and the difference in how quickly it had an effect was
a beautiful surprise!

This was even more marked when I did EFT focusing on the person who
had died – instead of feeling pain, betrayal, loss and the whole
myriad of grief (most especially FEAR) I feel nothing but love and
gratitude when I think of or see pictures of this person. It has been
like coming out of a dark toxic fog and breathing clean sea air.

For Shamanism healing, Shane has done power animal retrieval,
extraction, and soul retrieval with me. It has been so free-ing as
Shane consults with his spirit guides as to what is right for me that
day, and this ‘diagnosis’ has meant I could give myself up to it (yes
I have control issues!). Switching off my logical brain, if you will,
meant that I was free to feel and journey and open up to the messages
I am being sent. Not only do I feel the positive energy moving
through me during the sessions – I cannot emphasise the healing and
feelings of love which have remained and taken root in the following

As a practitioner, Shane is what you would imagine a healer to be –
strong, inner sense of peace, non-judgemental. The energy and love he
has created around him makes it easy to let him do the work with you.
I trust him implicitly. I don’t need to understand the tenets of EFT
or Shamanism because Shane does. And it works. He bases his work on
love and positivity – even being in his healing room for a 10 minute
sojourn is restorative to the soul. Shane follows up his sessions
with a call or text to check in and advise if required – not only
professional, it is also thoughtful and caring.

Regardless of walk of life, creed, background or beliefs, I would
recommend this healing path.

Low energy and severe stress
Linda Hearty

2013 was a difficult year in many aspects, being in quite a low place at times and feeling very stressed. I attended Chiron Healing Centre as part of my healing journey. Experiencing the power of “clearing of geopathic stress and negative entities” can only be described as profound.

My own energies are lighter, calmer, and more loving, in all aspects of my life. Negative emotions have lost their charge, I’m sleeping better, and have a sharper awareness of energies around me.

I have found Chiron Healing Centre during this time to be a respite for my senses and my soul, being serene, peaceful, and very healing. Shane is a remarkable, marvelous, trustworthy healer. He is genuine and very inspirational man who listens and cares for his client’s well-being. I personally recommend Shane’s practice to everyone who is experiencing difficulties; you will be amazed by the results.

Thank you Shane for everything.

Many blessings,

Linda Hearty

Sensory Processing Disorder & Negative Energy in the Home

Sheenagh had her house cleared of Geopathic Stress a couple of months ago using a combination of dowsing to find the harmful energy spots and orgonite (which is a positive energy device that I make) to clear the harmful energy and turn it in to beneficial energy…….

“I feel the clearing of the house of geopathic stress and the inclusion of orgonite has made a huge difference to myself and my husband. We are much more rested after a nights sleep and the energy in the house is much better in general – not sure how to explain it but I feel more comfortable in my house now.

Also, my son was diagnosed with speech delay and sensory processing disorder at 3 ½ yrs old. He had a lot of speech therapy sessions and also some occupational therapy to deal with delay in developing fine motor skills. He was doing well at school, however he is a very anxious child, shies away from adults and tends to get upset easily. He was starting senior infants in September and was anxious at returning to school to a new teacher.

I took my son to meet Shane in August and was amazed that he connected with him immediately. Over the course of the session, Shane taught us EFT (tapping) in a really fun way and also did some remote dousing and picked up some negative energy points in the house – one right next to my sons bed.

We have been tapping at home and also have some orgonite placed over the negative energy points. My son is like a different child. He is so happy in himself, has so much confidence and his missing sounds that he hadn’t worked on yet (sh, ch, l) are now as clear as day.

I have no doubt that the combination of tapping and the orgonite has had a very positive impact on my son.”


Trouble sleeping & spirits in the home

I first met Shane when I attended a beginners meditation. After a few sessions I talked to Shane about the problems I was having in my home. I was having trouble sleeping and felt drained everyday. My son wasn’t sleeping and talked about seeing “spirits” around the home every 2nd night.

Shane explained to me that my home had negative energy points, one actually under my bed which would be making me feel the way I had been. He also picked up a harmful energy line crossing the bottom of my bed right across my shins. I told him I had cold feet all the time and he suggested that the energy might be contributing to this.

He suggested dowsing to clear the geopathic stress from my home and explained how placing orgonite in the home would help replace negative energy with positive energy.

Since working with Shane 3 weeks ago my home feels more comfortable, the energy of the house feels much better in general. My son hasn’t mentioned seeing anymore spirits and he’s sleeping all night in his own bed. I’m also sleeping all night and feel much more energised. I also don’t have cold feet any more!

Thank you Shane!

Jennifer, Dundalk

Shamanic Dowsing Workshop Feedback

The Shamanic Dowsing Workshops at Chiron Healing Centre are not just for healers and energy therapists as there are many practical applications for dowsing in our day to day lives. Here is some feedback from Grainne who works as a nurse and has recently completed all 3 levels of Shamanic Dowsing at Chiron Healing Centre. As you can see she has put her skills to good use to improve her work and home environment and also received some unexpected gifts in the process….. :)

“Thank you Shane for a wonderful course which proved to be much more than I had hoped for. My initial reason for taking this course was from a purely selfish point of view. I was in a bit of a rutt and I was questioning all my decisions. You have given me so many new tools that are helping in all aspects of life.

Relationships within family and work seem to have improved overnight and the rippling effects are wonderful. I was on the verge of packing in my job but to my surprise I got a pay rise and additional benefits I never expected. I have also been offered another job which I didn’t even look for. I couldn’t have imagined this happening six months ago. So a sincere thanks for all the guidance and your fantastic way of teaching. My pendulum won’t be too far from hand from now on. Grainne”

If you wish to sign up for any workshops or find out more please click here – Workshops


I started seeing Shane about a month after suffering a bereavement. I had been feeling very low and having trouble focusing on anything other than what I’d been through.

When he offered to help I decided to try it out, and I am very glad that I did.

The main therapy was EFT – at each session we worked progressively through each of the traumatic experiences that had been involved.

After each session I would feel noticeably better. The process gave me a fresh perspective on events and gradually the weight began to lift.

I believe that this has allowed me to get back to something approaching normality a lot sooner than would otherwise have been possible.

Grief and loss have been replaced by love, and lessons learnt.

Shane is very understanding of the issues surrounding grief. The sessions were always very relaxing and while I am not sure that I understand the techniques involved fully, Shane knows what he is doing and they definitely work.

Thanks Shane!


Painful Past

A series of stressful events happened a few days after my little boy was born in 2007. What should have been a very happy time, turned into the saddest period of my life. I slowly became withdrawn into myself and very anxious, this coupled with a failing business led me to the lowest point I have ever been at. I tried to pick myself up, but I would panic when the phone rang, I crossed the street when I met people I knew and I was generally down all the time.

Three years later, when my business finally closed, I felt a weight lifted as the source of the stress was gone. Things got much better and a few months later I had a beautiful baby girl. I was feeling much better and stronger, but not myself. I couldn’t pinpoint it, but something was missing. I felt I had everything to live for and a bright future, so I just got on with things and kept doing so until I met Shane in August. I was learning EFT with my little boy and obviously unblocking a lot of pent up energies and emotions. I broke down into tears one evening and all the old feelings came flooding back. Things I had blocked out and hidden for years, were all suddenly back with a vengeance. I contacted Shane and he suggested trying Soul Retrieval.

The experience itself was amazing and I felt intense energies in my body during and after the process. Shane explained in detail the various stages of the retrieval, meeting with my soul part, explaining why she left and what I could do to help her stay. He also described in accurate detail a scene from my past, something I connected with immediately.

Two months on, I am feeling fantastic. The “thing” that I was missing was my vitality. I have found happiness in small things again – hobbies and interests. I am motivated and love motivating people again – I have my confidence back. My husband is delighted to have his wife back and my kids are loving their fun mum ! My friends and family have commented on how happy I am and I am no longer willing to settle for just muddling through my life – we all deserve to live our life to its fullest.

A huge thanks to Shane for finding the missing piece of my jigsaw, he has an amazing gift and really put me at ease throughout.

Sarah, Dundalk

Geoptathic Stress Clearing

Slept like a baby again! This is bliss! Had absolutely no bother getting asleep
Shane Donohoe did a clearing of geopathic stress on my house and the difference in how I’ve been feeling since… wow! I highly recommend it. Everyone in the house is happier – the place just feels different!
Thanks so much Shane  ♡

Regular Illness

A friend suggested that I make an appointment with Shane. For years I have been getting sick, although only minor illnesses such as colds, flu, chest infection etc.; it was their regular occurrence that were affecting my life. I had always put it down to a poor immune system as the cause, but despite every effort to combat this e.g. vitamins, healthy eating, exercise; I could almost guarantee to become sick at least twice a year. It became increasingly annoying as I would always seem to be sick when I had something on; like holidays, Christmas, birthday etc.

I had never tried anything like this before so it was unknown territory for me. Shane; however made each session so easy and comfortable. On my first session Shane explained some background into the treatment and his thoughts on my particular situation.

During the three sessions I have had with Shane; he has used power animal and soul retrieval, extraction and EFT. During each session Shane uncovered incidents from my life that even I had forgotten about or buried away. He suspected that these were causing energy blocks in my system. It was a strange feeling to hear someone else speak about these memories from my past but looking back on them now and after discussing them with Shane; he has given me a more positive outlook on my past and my future.

After each session I experienced an overwhelming positive energy throughout myself. The whole experience has given me a new lease of life. I feel much more positive about my future and find myself being much more decisive in life. I use EFT at home by myself which is brilliant for relaxing and unwinding. I can feel myself being more focused now and would definitely recommend Shane. I initially made the appointment to see if he could help figure out why I was getting sick so often but I have gotten much more out of it.


Geopathic Stress Clearing
Cafe Acqua

Hi Shane.. We have had the busiest November in years thanks to your geopathic clearing.. It’s fun and craic every day.. The initial headaches and nausea subsided after day two with myself and the staff.. I can highly recommend you and have to several people.. Keep up the fantastic work..:-)xxx

Secret Therapy
Kathy Doyle

I would like to say a big thank you to Shane again for the time and work he has given me in the secret therapy sessions. In my 2 sessions we worked on an emotional trauma that I have wanted to get rid of for a long time we did not discuss any details and I never had to re-live the trauma we just worked on moving the blocked energy. Once we moved the energy the emotional trauma disappeared and I have gained some lovely insights on what changes I needed to make to my life

Kathy Doyle


Child not sleeping

Thanks so much for clearing off the negative energy around my spine. Very much appreciated. The energy around the house is far softer... If that makes sense!!! Really noticed it the night after the clearing. Our second little boy Noah was definitely effected by the energy, he is sleeping throughout the night now!!! Amazing.

House Clearing in Germany
Veronika Morscher

Hi Shane,

It's been about three weeks since the clearing of our house in Cologne and we have noticed a big difference. The house has no cold spots anymore or places where nobody wants to linger. I feel very at home.

Also since the curse was lifted, I can say that I feel super. I was never super unbalanced before but I used to have waves of discouragement every few days that slowed me down or made me tired and they seem to be gone away. I feel very positive, connected and able to give a lot without losing energy.

Thanks a million for your help. I have been feeling very connected to whatever grand energies there float within and above us and it gives me a lot of strength to stay connected to it.

When I got home from my tour I found at least ten white little feathers on our balcony, had never seen any before and they decided to spread throughout our apt. The immediate thought was that it was connected to the clearing, might also have been a duck plucking its feathers.. but what would you say?

Thanks again for all your help.. It has made a huge impact so far!

- Veronika

Healing claustrophobia with EFT

I love to hear stories from my clients and friends on how they put the skills I teach them to use in practical ways. Here is one such story of my friend Chris who was holidaying in Greece recently and used EFT to help with her fear of dark caves......

“Yesterday I swam through caves, which for a strict claustrophobic, was an absolute fear of the highest order. I also went through caves on a small dinghy. As I faced into them
I thought how much the EFT was working that Shane had taught me. I had used it on the yacht minutes before to ready myself for the caverns ahead. In the dark spaces, with the water echoing, I found inner strength I never thought I'd find. It actually made me ridiculously happy to have faced the fear.“

This is what I love about EFT and the other techniques I teach my clients; they are so empowering and can be used in so many areas of your life with no cost and no side effects.