work with me

work with me

My name is Shane Donohoe and I help people release and overcome major traumatic events in their lives. Although my passion for healing started many years ago, my real calling to do this work came when my wife passed away in 2011. She was pregnant with our 4th child, and to say it was a life-changing event is a vast understatement. From that moment I have been on a momentous healing and learning journey that has taken me to different parts of the world to deepen in my spiritual and healing practices. There have been several core areas that have given me the greatest gifts of healing and awareness, and it is the development of my skills in these areas of energy healing, shamanism, and metaphysics that have been a blessing to myself and my clients alike. 

Every area of healing I have explored has been an immeasurable gift to myself for my own healing journey. However, it is the deep embodiment of these gifts that has allowed me to share them with my clients from a place of true understanding of their value and application. These skills I have acquired are not just something that I’ve learned from a book, through my own experiences and those of my clients, I have found them to be both practical, powerful and empowering . I can honestly attest to their effectiveness based on how much my life has evolved since its lowest point in 2011. The insights gained and the challenges overcome have been true blessings in my life, and to be able to share my experiences through my work with my clients makes it all worthwhile. There is nothing to beat experience when it comes to gaining true understanding, and my experiences and how I’ve navigated through them are my greatest gifts to my clients, a roadmap to healing one could say.

I am a certified Advanced Energy Healing Practitioner, Advanced EFT Practitioner, Advanced Shamanic Practitioner, Shamanic Counsellor, and for the last 6 years I’ve been studying and practicing advanced metaphysics and mysticism on a daily basis. Most of all however, I’m just someone who enjoys helping people and passing on the wisdom of my experiences. 

I have spent most of my life in beautiful Ireland but in 2019 I felt a change was coming and I had the inspiration to return to the country of my birth, Canada, with my my 3 children. We now live in the picturesque lakeside town of Cobourg, Ontario.

I work in person and online with clients from all over the world, so no matter where you live we can find a way to work together. Sessions are 1 hour long and we will work together to resolve the issue at hand using the many tools at my disposal. People often ask how many sessions they need to do with me which is very difficult to answer. Some of my clients have had their issues resolved in 2-3 sessions while others with more serious issues have worked with me for over a year. Every client has different needs and will want to go at a pace that’s comfortable, so it is very much case by case how much time we need to work together. I always suggest starting out with 2-3 sessions so you can at least get a feel for what I do and have the opportunity to notice some differences in your life. While I can try to explain the healing process beforehand, it is only in experiencing it can one truly grasp it’s effectiveness.

I help my clients with a broad range of issues including bereavement, abuse, relartionship issues and break ups, some physical issues, and many other traumas and stressors. I also help those who feel lost or stuck on their spiritual journey and those who are trying to explore the bigger picture. Whatever your reason for working with me I am confident I can help you in some way.

1-1 private session (1hr ) in person or online: US$95. Discounts available for prepaid blocks of sessions.

Have a read of the testimonials page and you may get a better understanding of how I have helped others. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how I can help you then you can call me on +1 905 226 9619 (WhatsApp, Viber, or Telegram for international clients) or email shane[@]

I started seeing Shane approx 6 weeks after the death of my husband.The feeling of helplessness despair and raw physical hurt was at the least overwhelming. 

I was aware of Shane’s work and always had a positive view on energy work but my knowledge of this vast opportunity was extremely limited.

I feel like I was catapulted into this type of healing. I could not resign myself to labels and merely existing for my children, bringing them up in an unhappy home.

Shane, like anyone else, cannot fix grief but as promised he has provided me with the tools to navigate my way out of the midnight panic attacks feelings of helplessness, weakness, and yearning to give up . I have worked with Shane for 9 months now and I practice his powerful meditations and other exercises at home. This has become a way of life for me. I have set backs and everyday life cannot be ignored but I feel stronger to deal with what life has given me. I have no anger or blame. I have trust that this is the path for me and I’m learning to become whole, happy, and at one with myself.

I cannot reccomend Shane highly enough. I would be very comfortable speaking to anyone about my experience . This is not a quick fix but I feel like it’s like a scenic bypass! 


I started going to see Shane to get help for a chronic illness and family bereavement. After each session I felt stronger, energised, light and motivated to make my life better in any way possible. Shane helped me to get my confidence back, to make goals (even little ones) and just keep going through the dark times. Shane creates such a welcoming and extremely powerful environment for healing. Even 5 months after completing the programme, I still use the techniques I learned with him daily. A life changing experience that I can’t recommend enough.


Dear Shane,

What a spectacular adventure!!

I signed up to the 12 Week Intensive Programme, not exactly knowing what to expect yet knowing deep in my heart that it was the most perfect option for me ????  

The changes that have occurred within me are profound and fully reflected in my changing circumstances.  I am now living in my dream home with people I really respect and resonate with – a perfect location for a perfect price and about to sign the dotted line for my dream job!  This is really special as it’s a role I could not have imagined even existing before now – yet it seems 100% tailor-made for me!

This is all pretty astonishing as in hindsight, the issues I was struggling with were:  an uncomfortable living arrangement, a sense of feeling undervalued and unsupported in work, difficulty breaking the habit of drinking (alcohol).  I knew alcohol didn’t suit me but found it difficult to avoid the situations where drinking was involved.  Now, it actually doesn’t even apply.  I can easily not drink or even think about it for weeks or months on end, and if I do partake, I can enjoy a glass, appreciate it’s qualities and not continue beyond that.  No more hangovers or wasted energy resources!  My personal power is too precious to me now to squander and I have a new level of respect and love for how I can use it for increased awareness, loving support and guidance.

It was such a comfort to have Shane’s constant support over the three months.  I really looked forward to every one of our meetings and gained so many insights along the way.  All expectations flew out the window in the first session and I was able to settle into myself in a new way, knowing I was fully supported and held both by Shane and by these new resources I have discovered within myself.  It really was like having a big “soul brother” to hold my hand and fearlessly lead me into the unknown!

While I initially found it difficult to express what my heartsong was, I now really understand all that it is not and this has been a huge revelation to me!  I can easily enter into the flow of life, and Infinite’s intent by just paying attention to the subtle currents of resistance and release within myself, trusting the markers that are constantly guiding me and fully surrendering to the unknowable magical adventure ????

Challenges have almost become a game that I can play – I now welcome them and gain so much clarity by navigating through them.  I am in a constant state of glad expectations now – embracing everything that unfolds.

I love my personal practice and have committed more fully to it than I could have imagined.  My friends have commented on the wise advice I have been able to offer during difficult times but I feel much less emotionally involved/affected by any of these issues.  It’s easy for me to step in and out with grace and not get tied up in any dramas.  They just don’t hold any interest for me any more as my perspective has shifted and expanded.

Shane has been so generous with his teachings – the resources and materials he has shared with me will be tools I can use for many years to come.  They will not only benefit me and those in my circles, but I will also be able to take my own healing work with clients to the next level as a result.  Even after our programme finished, Shane continues to check in and to send more materials for me to carry on with.  I am so grateful for his eloquent observations and constant loving kindness throughout.  I have gained so much and know that these new tools will have a ripple effect on all interactions in my life.

I truly consider Shane to be a very special blessing in my life.  I treasure our friendship and wholeheartedly commit to honouring his work in my own.

In constant gratitude and appreciation…

Nicola Staunton