healing sounds album

Healing Sounds Album

4 music tracks embedded with powerful healing frequencies that can energetically transform your home or work space as well as providing profound, deep personal healing. Anybody can benefit from this music and it is also a powerful addition to any healing practice or spa. Holistic & Healthcare practitioners and therapists will find it useful to play during their sessions or in hospitals/retirement homes as the frequencies will remove many barriers to healing, particularly geopathic stress. If needs be, the Heal your Home track may be played quietly on your phone, ipod, or laptop as people do not need to hear it to benefit from it.

To purchase a digital download copy with a full 30 day money back guarantee, click “Purchase Now” below. For added results listen with headphones. Do not use while driving.

For any queries on these healing sounds email shane(@)chironhealingcentre.com or call Shane on +1 905 226 9619 or +353 86 269 9619.

Healing Music & Shamanic Drumming for your Home & Body 
Either of these 2 tracks can be played anywhere to clear harmful energies from the area or building it is played in, e.g. ghosts, curses, geopathic stress, negative energetic imprints from previous events on the land or in the building, electromagnetic pollution, and more….

Choose from Shamanic Drumming or nature sounds with Tibetan bowls, gongs, koshi bells, flute and didgeridoo mixed with binaural beats. 

After playing these tracks most people report feeling that their house is more homely, clearer, and lighter. They also report having improved sleep and more harmony between family members. 

The real beauty of this music however, is that it is not just effective in your home. Try playing it in offices, schools, nurseries , hospitals, restaurants, hotels, bus and train stations, airports, ferries, football grounds, concert venues, prisons, town squares, courthouses, etc. If you are a business owner, the energy of your staff, clients, & workplace can improve simply by regularly playing this music!

Healing Music & Shamanic Drumming for your Home, Body, & Soul  

These 2 tracks do the same as above but with more intense healing frequencies which can return lost soul parts to whomever is listening to it. These 2 tracks are best listened to in a relaxed state in your home, ideally with headphones.

After listening to these tracks people have reported feeling more grounded and present in their bodies with a more positive outlook on life. People have also reported a removal of layers of “stuff” that left them feeling more free and capable of taking on more challenges. Some people have also reported feeling a little down for several days after listening which is not uncommon after a deep healing like this but it passes. To help assist with these healing symptoms I have made several free youtube videos which you can check out here – Chiron YouTube Channel. These videos show you how to release any blocked energy as a result of stress as well as easing any “lows” from the healing tracks. 

To purchase the Digital Download version  of the album with a full 30 day money back guarantee, click add to cart. For added results listen with headphones. Do not use while driving.



Healing Sounds Digital Download Album = €25  

For years now I have been experiencing this feeling that I never quiet understood. I have of late found out that it is my aura that I have been feeling around me. Well yesterday whilst listening to the drumming that feeling was the strongest that it has ever been. I couldn’t believe how strong it was. Even when the piece finished and I moved to play the other one I could still feel it. It was out of this world. Then came the other piece. This was poles apart. It was the complete opposite. I completely left my body and couldn’t feel a thing although I was aware of everything. It’s like I was looking down on myself and I could see myself at peace. I was unable to move any of my body but was safe in the knowledge that I was still in total control. I decided to listen to them both again and this time I got so much green light with the drumming. The second piece this time knocked me completely out and I slept like a baby for a few hours.


2 days later I was quite agitated and both the drumming and the music gave me an immense feeling of quiet and calm. They really restored a sense of balance within me and brought me to a place where I was so happy and content. I was supposed to be working last night but took the night off. Even after sleeping for a lot yesterday and expecting to be awake all night I had the most peaceful sleep. I couldn’t believe it this morning when I awoke and saw I had slept solidly for another 7 hours.

Thank you, thank you so much.


I loved the tracks Shane.  With the music I felt like “layers were being removed” from my energy body? Do you know what Ii mean? Felt layer after layer lifting off. Strangely calming and soothing…

I felt a bit wobbly this evening, emotions all over the place etc. During the music I could feel a peaceful calm settling in my body.

Your drumming is powerful Shane! Real warrior energy! Lots of strength and energy in it! It’s great! Felt like it was breaking up “stuck energy”…

So, very different sounds with similar intentions, that offers different ways of bringing about the healing / balancing.

I am amazed at how different and lighter I feel right now! Incredible! Thank you so much!!!

This music & drumming is a lovely idea and it has a very open, honest – authentic – feel about it!

I genuinely feel privileged to listen to these and I have a feeling these lovely tracks are going to bring healing to many!!


Hi Shane, I listened to both of the music tracks and they’re fantastic! I felt half way through the longer one my body temp dropped dramatically to nearly freezing and a lot of pressure in my head which all disappeared coming towards the end which is a good sign that something has shifted. Well something has definitely shifted here as I slept for 2 hours after listening to them and woke up feeling a bit crap! However, I’m talking to my husband about things that really pull on my heart strings; usually by the way I’m balling my eyes out at this point ! I’m not this time though and I’m able to talk and make plans with my adopted sisters and brother with complete confidence and a full heart (no tears). Shane thank you so much, this is all I ever wanted, to be free from my pain.

Sharon x

These are very powerful, Shane! I played it during a healing today and found it brilliant. I find I zone out while it’s on and fell asleep while using it on myself and woke up just as it finished which is a sign of a deep healing for me. This healing music will be very successful!


The impression I got from the music track was like you had a whole room full of people, or souls, when you were recording ???? What struck me emotionally was that I was receiving healing and guidance as part of a group or community which was suffering in adversity.  Relaxing and energising.

With the drumming I got the impression of togetherness, yet focussing on individual self-empowerment, and the idea of looking forward to something like an adventure or exciting journey.

These tracks I would be happy to listen to, to meditate and prepare for each new client before he or she comes to my clinic.

Thank you Shane.


I got on great with the music Shane. I played it in bed & felt much better & lighter next morning. I then played it in most rooms in the house the next morning. Our house has been stagnant & stuck this past while but after playing the music I feel things seem to be moving again. I played the longer track again the next night & had mad dreams after it, probably part of the healing process. It has definitely shifted something Shane so thanks a million!

Laura McGee

I have listened 3 times to the Healing Music for the Soul & within a minute or two I’ve conked out asleep!! The general feel in the house has been more positive, with our son in particularly. My husband has had some negative feelings & very stressed & his skin has broken out. I feel this could possibly be a clearing though. Thank you Shane.