soul power programme

Soul Power Programme

This programme combines years of practicing various forms of healing modalities, metaphysical and mystical studies, and magical life experiences. Our soul is the power behind our physical body and without it we die. Our soul force/power weakens as we go through life due to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual trauma, for example, illness, surgery, bereavement, abuse, relationship break ups, overuse of alcohol and drugs, etc….. the list goes on. Unless we are proactively working on accessing the gifts from all these experiences and thereby replenishing our soul power, we will feel empty, shallow, lifeless, hopeless, negative, unfulfilled and overwhelmed as we age and die. The more our soul power is depleted the less at home we are in our bodies which can lead to a whole host of complications and illnesses.

From a spiritual perspective most disease results from self-abandonment or in other words, not being at home for oneself. What that means is that our soul is not fully at home in our body, so disease and other entities fill the gap that has been left. It is like leaving your front door open so anyone can walk into the sanctuary of your home and do what they like there. When the soul power is returned, and you start to fill your body with your essence again what was there can be released. You may resist and it may feel challenging to let go of it, especially something that has been there for most of your life. It’s like Stockholm syndrome where you have befriended your captor, and although its presence is not life-enhancing, it is something that you know and use as a reference point so you don’t have to explore the vastness of your true being. It keeps you small and limited while, like a parasite, it sucks the life out of you until you die.

I have found the following trends among the participants of this programme. Most report feeling much more clarity, a better sense of being in their bodies with increased outer and inner senses, a deeper connection to their soul, their inner feminine and their inner child, a change in perspective about what is important in life, an opening up of their hearts to the benevolence of life, a deeper connection with the earth and nature, a deeper ability to see the magic in life, deeper self-love, self-reverence, and self-appreciation, a feeling of lightness and being unburdened, a deeper level of happiness, a deeper ability to see the true essence of others, a feeling that something bigger has been birthed, a deeper sense of being present in their physical bodies, a deeper connection between their inner masculine and feminine, a deeper connection to their song of the self, and a deeper accessing and expression of their true essence.

While each ceremony I did felt magical and uplifting for everyone involved it felt like it was only the beginning and that a continuous “topping up” of soul power would be required especially during these turbulent times of death and rebirth. Our soul power is something that has gradually been depleted over time and that power is hidden in the stories and pains of our past. It’s not something that can be remedied in a 1 hour ceremony but rather a gradual uncovering and replenishing of that power through dissolving the mirrors of these stories. I feel The Soul Power Programme is a powerful addition to your inner work. A weekly group ceremony to top up the soul power of everyone in the group, no matter what stage of the journey they are on. The Soul Power Programme consists of 1 group distance session per week where I will work on assisting your soul power to return to your body. You can tune in each week to the ceremony, but this is not necessary to receive the benefits. If you would like to be part of this programme just click on the link below to sign up. It is a monthly payment of $25USD which you can cancel at any time.

If you have any questions please email shane(@) or call/message me on +1 905 226 9619 or +353 86 269 9619.


I feel like the session was not only one of the most beautiful experiences but also an onset of something bigger. I felt like there are multiple songs and with multiple tones. I hummed last night on my way home and this morning in the park. The headache is gone. I feel like practicing to hum .I am so so thankful to you. Thank you thank you thank you.
Much love , infinite blessings and big hugs

My heartfelt gratitude for this healing. I feel a much deeper sense of self, of clarity, redirection and refocus on the beauty in life. An overall, much needed return home within. I was able to lay down during the time of this and be in full acceptance of the healing. It was this morning, as I was in deep sleep when a Powerful sweet scent of Maui rain whisped through and woke me, reminding me in such a pleasant loving way. It very much was a gift in result of this healing, that I was able to reconnect with nature and to receive once again, because I hadn’t smelled such sweetness in quite some time. I feel so much Lighter today! Thank you so very much

Hi Shane, thankyou so much for healing last night, found it every intense and vibrate into my skeleton, Had to massage my body to release, Feel clarity and focus and delighted to be part of the group, you may be in another country but your essence is awesome, thankyou for sharing ????????????

Hi Shane.
Thank you so much for the healing.
I got three strong waves of beautiful energy.
Happy Male energy, a gathering around a night fire with a burst of laughter. Reds/greens to sparkly whites.
A little unwell today but nothing that’s not good.
Loved that space again. Thank you Hugs and Blessings to all X

Thank you…I woke up early about five and realized I had fallen asleep during the ceremony hour without particular thought… initially I felt disappointed and yet I felt deeply calm and I felt an image similar to what you posted just now. I felt deep and calm in my system. And then a most remarkable thing happened yesterday healing wise. Thank you!

Firstly thank you from my (our hearts) ???? for including us in your spectacular journey the other night. I am in awe… feelings of a core strength peace and clarity anchoring in ~ although in amidst challenging times and deep shifts. Many profound insights & prompts. So much kindness in my outer reality at display ????
A lot of signs in my environment ~ to contemplate on and yield their gifts.

Thank you so much Shane. I felt myself merging with all things. A few of them I can remember: past self, future self, Polynesian self, a prehistoric pterodactyl , greenery, field flowers- just to name a few. A wonderful experience.

Thank you for healing sessions Shane, deeply appreciated! Felt a light heartedness, restoration of innocence, lifting up, elevation of heart energy, expansion and enhancing perspective (humor) during the session. Subsequently felt greater clarity, noticed breathing more deeply, sense of simultaneous descending/ascending flow, and more attention to detail regarding beauty. Began deep belly breathing, felt multiple Songs of Self, emphasis on truth, love, beauty with emphasis on beauty. Fell asleep, “activation” vibration in my belly, woke up humming, felt activation of vagus nerve . . . quite a bit later (recently) saw a drumming video clip you posted and felt a connection with the healing sessions that anchored benefits.
Thank you Shane!
Love & Blessings

I felt like one of my energy bodies (I don’t know the proper term- maybe it was the soul body) was ‘fusing’ with my physical. I also “heard” some memories that would have been from the “past”. Some were things I have never heard before and weren’t aware of. I’m not sure if I dozed off but I “came back” to consciousness (so to speak) and noticed that the “memories” weren’t being played anymore. (I heard them in my environment like on a tape recorder). I continued laying down until I heard “you can get up now”. I also noticed yesterday that my right forearm was receiving ‘updates’. I felt some of this in my lower legs while I was laying down with intent to receive as well. Today I think I feel more in my body, like a greater portion of energy is in my body. I am enjoying feeling more in my body. It seems easier to expand out as well

The other day I was able to ‘draw out’ some emotion from deep inner space. I have felt this emotion coming from this place before, but I was able to kind of reach in and draw it out. Kind of felt like how on Harry Potter they were able to take their wands and draw out memories or something from someone. The emotion coming from there is from a deep deep place that I normally ‘don’t have’ access to readily. Today I began to feel (without trying to draw anything out) deep emotions trying to come to the surface. It kind of felt like the “crying” type of emotions (I hardly ever cry), but it was kind of that feeling that you get when you can feel the “crying feeling” stirring within before it is released. I didn’t start crying though, I could just feel the well spring there. It’s from that deep area in inner space that I can’t describe. I feel that it might be from some place ancient and not from this “lifetime”. Maybe stuff from the first “separation”, I am not sure, but that’s kind of the general feeling I get. I’m curious to find out what will happen when it is released I can just kind of feel it stirring. Anyway, really glad you received this ceremony! It is quite amazing. Lots of love

Shane, that session was very profound. I felt many emotions come up that I had unknowingly blocked until I felt myself fully whole and so much lighter and happier. Your shamanic drumming music takes me right into a deep trance state and I experience wonderful journeys. You are very compassionate and pour your heart and soul into your work. You are truly gifted

During the session and the night I felt a different depth in my thought and sleep pattern – waking in the morning my need for inner reflection was different to normal mornings…….I’m in a special time right now and even though I feel some things around us could knock us over I feel a strength given for this not to happen!
Many thanks for the ceremony and sharing your in-depth knowledge and caring approach.

Thank you Shane! I had soothing dreamtime, slept late and woke with clarity, enthusiasm & feeling free. Productive day today, got around to all the little jobs I’d not been “finding time for”. Thank you so much. It felt like giving the lenses I experience this world through a deep cleaning! Also, my healing work seems to have more potency!
The clients I saw this week (all new) moved quickly & seemingly easily through the balances we did, including a very powerful trauma correction.
2 have come back to report “healing crises”- type symptoms with both emotional & physical reactions so useful to know I may need to prepare for that in future.
They’re both doing well and accepting of the process but it’s noticeably more uncomfortable than usual & they are showing need for extra magnesium & down time to support. It’s like they’ve moved up several gears in one go.
It’s also giving me a chance to practice my coaching skills to reassure them so maybe there’s something in that too
I’m still feeling enhanced clarity & expansion. Much love and gratitude

That was amazing. I have never had that much power going through my head!!! Head has not yet fully recovered. It started to go down to my neck but no farther. Visions in my head were basic purple background colour, trees, blue skies and kept going through in waves. Feels like my head was expanded and head glands affected.

Hi Shane, I just want to share some of my experience from the ceremony:

Spiraling energy. Smoke or fire/the elements… hands moving, vision of you as a vortex or power center and light coming through the trunk of your body and your hands

Sense of expansion, mostly focused/felt between 3rd eye and heart. So much spiraling energy. My backbody expanding

I’m feeling a lot of peace and calm now that it is over, but there is also a little bit of excitement in my chest!

Thank you Shane! In every session I felt a great sense of expansion, peace and unfolding are the words that come up to describe the tone. I so appreciate you sharing this with all of us. I feel like it reinforced my ability to trust myself and life to unfold with perfection. ❤

I slept soundly after about 11.45, until the baby stirred at 2 but I felt like I had hours of sleep. Physically before we started session I got a really strong pain in my left lower back and when felt into it felt like kidneys and quite ancient so that was interesting. I sat with that from 11 for a while. This morning I would describe it as a day of sacred exhaustion yes really and truly exhausted that much that I’ve kids watching movie while baby naps and have crawled back into bed.. this for me is a sign of a massive massive shift and clearing is underway- so proud that at this stage able to recognise this as before would have been- jeez what’s wrong with me, so very open to whatever is unfolding. My inner child/ family were very present on this journey last night. Big shift in perspective happened this morning.. an old program of guilt arose but was able to look at it from another perspective so I knew I was in the depths and irritable and highly sensitive and I’m always super aware when this happens that it will affect children so I had to explain to them how mammy was feeling and to try not to hang on or let my energy affect them( which can often happen) constantly looking at my facial expressions and getting affected by my energy, so I suppose I was able to stay In my space and they in theirs- huge! Thanks Shane much love to you and your boys

I experienced a huge release of tension. Sitting in the garden and looking at the moon shining amongst the pine trees I felt a profound peace that I had forgotten in the last couple of weeks having allowed the events to push me out of center. This morning, having chosen ‘to not join the crowd’, I am feeling only deep gratitude and joy for the gifts of nature. Thank you Shane.

These things are hard to describe. I felt the build-up for ceremony happening several hours before it started and I am still feeling the “work” going on now. During the ceremony, I experienced a great calmness and openness. I was both aware and in the dream. At one point there was like a bell that signalled a change of energy during the ceremony. This morning I feel that I am continuing to be aware of a core programming I am releasing that began in the ceremony.

I found myself clearing grief issues during and after session. Today I’m feeling such love, expansion and euphoria

Thank you Shane. One thing that has been shown to me through these sessions is the absolute power we have inside….I feel centered, peaceful and in my power….thank you once again Shane