recommended resources

Recommended Resources

From years of research and personal use I can whole-heartedly recommend the following resources for your journey.

  1. Fragrance Alchemy  – These mystical healing fragrance oils are unparalleled in purity and potency. Regular use can clear eons of programs and other debris from the meridians and chakras purifying your body for further evolution. I use these oils every day including my personal blend created by Almine. They can transform your environment and everyone around you just from the aroma and I have found them to be an invaluable tool on my journey. I use them on my clients and they are an integral part of my 12 week programme. Visit the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy for more information. I have a package for all 20 meridians for €160 which is part of the 12 week programme which I keep in stock. Go to for more info on other oils and their benefits. 


  2. Grounding Products – Many of you on this spiritual journey are familiar with the benefits of walking barefoot on the grass or beach to reconnect with the heartbeat of the earth. The heartbeat has a frequency called the Schumann Resonance which is the same as our relaxed brainwave frequency. When we connect to nature direct with our skin we can get an influx of negatively charged free electrons which balances our body and also releases electrical charges and EMFs which can cause cellular damage. Seeing as we can’t always get barefoot on the earth every day for 20 minutes Groundology have developed grounding mats, bed sheets, throws, and other wonderful products to help us reconnect with the life giving energies of Mother nature without leaving our homes or offices. 
    I and my children all use the grounding sheets and I use the grounding mats in my therapy room for both my clients and myself. I have even done an experiment with a voltmeter that showed 40 volts going through my body while holding a charging mobile phone in my hand and registered almost Zero when I placed my hand on a grounding mat! How many of you read your phone while it’s charging? What do you think regular exposure of 40 volts through your body will do to you? Check out the grounding products here –

  3. Structured Water – Most of you are familiar with the lack of pure public drinking water in almost all parts of the world. Here in Ireland we add fluoride, chlorine and other toxic chemicals to our water supply all in the name of good health. We also have antibiotics and other toxins that can’t be cleaned by standard water purification protocols. One area that doesn’t get a lot of public attention is the fact that water retains memory, memory of being poisoned and abused in particular which is what our cells pick up when we drink it. Although there may well be, I’m not aware of any water filtration systems that can remove fluoride and all other chemicals from water as well as cleaning the memory from the water by mimicking nature’s natural purification process other than structured water units. I stand to be corrected on that but I have a dynamically enhanced whole house filter in my house for the past 5 years which means both drinking water and bath water is all structured and free from poisons and the memory of poison. There is no smell from my tap water, the water is very soft, and when getting a gas boiler serviced recently the engineer remarked he had never seen such a clean system. 
    Our bodies are mostly water so clean drinking water is vital to good health. We can absorb just as much from a bath as from drinking so if you can afford it have a look at the whole house unit. You just fit it to your mains and that’s it! No parts to be changed and nothing to be added

    I bought my whole house filter off It costs $1,450 but they regularly run 30% off promos so hold off until you see that. A plumber should be able to install it easy enough in less than an hour. They offer smaller products for just drinking water so have a look and see if it resonates with you. Here is a short video explaining the benefits –

  4. Spiritual Journeys – Almine
    I have been a student of the great Seer & Mystic Almine since late 2013 and it has transformed my life. Her work is not for everyone nor is it intended to be for everyone so have a look at her Beginner’s Section and see if the material resonates with you. You can download some free meditations too! I’d also highly recommend to watch the Pathway to Ascension video series for free if you are looking where to begin.